Conference Scope

Main Topics

  • Computational Nuclear Applications
    • Materials Science (Structural and Functional Materials for Nuclear Applications)
    • Nuclear Reactor Analysis, Thermal Hydraulics and Other (Including SA analysis and CFD applications)
    • Laser/Beam Physics and their Applications (Related Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Detector Science)
    • Nuclear Fuel Cycle, Repository Performance (Related to Nuclear Fuels, Reprocessing, and Geological Disposal)
    • Computational Environmental Analysis (Related to Fukushima Accident, Other Fallout Events, and NORM)
    • Seismic Analysis and Others (Including FEM Analysis)
  • High Performance Computing & Visualization
    • Visualization and visual data analytics
    • High Performance Computing
    • Advanced CFD Approaches
  • Monte Carlo Simulation for Radiation Transport
    • Reactor Physics, Reactor Design, Radiation Shielding/Dosimetry,
    • Computational Medical Physics
    • Nuclear Nonproliferation and Safeguards
    • Multiphysics Computational Framework
    • MC Multiphysics Simulation
    • Space and Cosmic-Ray Applications
  • Monte Carlo Methodology (Theory, Algorithms, Methods, Codes)
    • Monte Carlo Methods General (Convergence, Real Variance, Stochastic Media, etc.)
    • Variance Reduction/Hybrid Methods/Convergence Acceleration
    • Next Generation Monte Carlo Parallelism
    • CAD-based Monte Carlo/Monte Carlo Modeling
    • MC Code Status, Novel Code Development
    • Verification & Validation, UQ
    • Track-structure and Radiation Biology Simulation
    • Dynamic Monte Carlo simulations

Special Topics

  • Fukushima Recovery & Decommissioning Issues
  • Virtual Reactor & Virtual ADS
  • AI Technology for the Nuclear Field
  • Monte Carlo Simulation for Medical and Life Science